World Earth Day 2019: Protect our Species

World Earth Day 2019:  Protect our Species

Last month we celebrated world sparrow day to raise awareness for the house sparrows and other common birds, these little creatures have peacefully coexisted with us in our homes and have shared thousand years of relationship with the mankind but now they are no longer found.

“Protect our Species” is the theme of this World Earth Day 2019 that is focusing on Species which are on the verge of extinction due to climate change, deforestation, pollution and illegal trafficking. Human activities have brought great destruction in the balance of the nature thus resulting into rapid extinction of many species in our world today.

Pollution is not just a messy litter problem. The impact of our mishandled waste is monumental, from poisoning our water resources to choking wildlife to increase carbon emission. It is evident that human activities are causing harm to our planet and scientists have also warned that we have just over a decade to halve our emission to avoid the most devastating impacts of climate change on our food supply, national security, global health, extreme weather, and more.

Climate change, deforestation, habitat loss, unsustainable agriculture and much more unprecedented global destruction have upset the balance of nature. World earth day is an initiative by UN general assembly to reaffirm the agenda of sustainable development and to acknowledge the role of the Earth as a mother, who sustains and nurtures all the Species, including human, animal and plants.

International Mother Earth Day is aimed at sharing responsibilities and setting agendas for a peaceful coexistence with nature. The term Mother Earth implies the interdependent relation which exists between all the Species of planet Earth and make people aware of Earth’s role in sustaining them all.

Various awareness programs and campaigns are carried out on this day focusing on fighting various climate change, deforestation, pollution and protecting endangered species.

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St. Xavier’s College of Mgmt & Tech, Digha, Patna

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