Of Matches, Women referees and more…

Of Matches, Women referees and more…

The FIFA Women’s World Cup is on, and it’s a party in France.

First, let’s tell you about the matches you can watch today Sunday 9 July on the telly. Indian standard time: At 7:00 pm it’s an exciting Brazil vs Jamaica, and at 9:30 it’s England vs Scotland. Some of us like to watch the FIFA world cup on our mobile phones …

Yesterday’s scores: China vs Germany- Germany 1-China 0. Spain vs South Africa: A rather exciting match as minnows South Africa actually shot the leading goal and kept favourites Spain on their toes struggling for an equalizer well into the second half. When Spain managed to equalize… well… things went a bit downhill and the final scores stood at Spain 3- Republic of South Africa 1.

Women Referees Rule


Claudia Umpierrez from Uruguay is one of the 26 female referees who are officiating at the women’s football extravaganza in France. Claudia was the referee at the opening match of the World Cup tournament where 27 countries have fielded their women soccer players.

A total of 73 match officials – 26 referees and 47 assistant referees – were selected from 42 different countries.

“These referees are here because they earned the right to be here – they are the best. We started out with 300 officials from six confederations and now we have chosen the best 73. We selected them based on just one criterion: quality,” said Pierluigi Collina, Chairman of the FIFA Referees’ Committee.

“We have worked hard for four years, just like the national teams striving for success at this World Cup. It is just as important for us referees to feel and live out our passion for football as it is for players, so that we can enhance and protect the sport’s image,” said Massimo Busacca, Head of FIFA’s Referees’ Department.

If we look at the Indian scene, even though we have women’s football matches at state and national level, male referees rule the roost. In fact, even today, there are very few women referees. It is great to see that the FIFA World cup in France has as many as 26 women referees.

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