Why have suicide rates increased in India?

Why have suicide rates  increased in India?


India has one of the highest rates of suicide among people aged between 15 and 29. The growing suicide rates of youths are a major concern today. One of the major reasons behind it is our Education Policy.

In India parents are important forces behind their subject they are studying or area in which they are preparing to go in. They decide the future of their son and daughters. They force their children to opt for particular subjects and prepare for particular occupations such as doctor, engineer. Children do not get freedom to select their subject according to their own choice, this results in lack of interest, low marks and a shabby future.

Also, today’s growing population has increased the level of competition and thus increased the rates of unemployment which results in a pressure for students.

Psychologists suggest that students suffer from anxiety and sleeping disorder related to fear of examination. They fear not only from school but also their parents and society, who compare them with the others getting good grades.

According to news reports two- thirds i.e. 66% students reported that parents who did not receive better education pressurized their children on the basis of marks. The report also revealed that everyday 6.23 students commit suicide due to the peer pressure because students of their own class and age bully them for low grades which lead them to suicide.

It is evident that there are many more causes of pressure on children both parents and children play an important role in it. To minimize the rate of suicide it is important for parents to understand their children, listen to them and appreciate their efforts instead of demoralizing them.

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  1. Danny Wong   June 28, 2019 at 7:18 am

    Nothing new here. Same old blaming of ‘parents’ and education policy. What aspect of the education policy makes students commit suicide? Please elaborate.
    A person may commit suicide due to a combination of factors,and most importantly his own mental status.
    Kindly reply to my question: what aspect of the Nationao Education Policy leads students to suicide?


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