Students awareness about Pride March

Students awareness about Pride March

“Why is it that as a culture, we are more comfortable seeing two man holding guns than holding hands?”

These words of Ernest J. Gaines emphasise the gay pride. As we all know that the Month of June  is observed as the pride month for LGBTQ, Lesbian gay bisexual transgender and Queer community. 

In 1970 the first pride march was held in US. Since then the movement is on, where the people of LGBT community advocate towards their bright future, discrimination free behaviour and their acceptance in the society.

It is very tough to fight for an identity in a conservative society where people tag the LGBTQ’s with the label of ‘homosexuality’ or ‘abnormality’. Even so, members from  the LGBTQ community of Patna Bihar are fighting and breaking all the barriers to establish their identity.

Reshma addressing students

Today on 9th of July 2019, in the campus of ST. Xavier’s college of Management and Technology, the president of “Dostana Safar”,  Mx Reshma Prasad, one of Bihar’s leading trans-woman  activists, addressed the college students about the pride parade which is to happen in Patna on 14th of July 2019. In this pride parade, people from different communities will join hands with members of Bihar’s Queer community to participate in a pride march that celebrates the rainbow of diverse identities. The parade will start from Sahitya Sammelan bhawan to Prem Chandra Rangshala. 

Reshma Prasad further added that this parade would be a milestone of sorts for the LGBT community in India, attempting to display the longest rainbow  flag, to make a world record in GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS. The marchers will carry a flag which will be 500 meters long. Reshma Prasad further added that “Love has no gender, love has no colour”. She urged the students to support the march and asked everyone to join Pride parade for a better world and for a better society. 

Daniel Ghansi ,BMC 2nd Year,St. Xavier’s College of Management and Technology Patna. 

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