World Photography Day : An idea through a picture!

Every year 19th August is celebrated as “world photography day”. This day is celebrated to promote photography as hobby which inspire many  photographers  who live all over the world.

The aim is to share ideas and encourage others to take small steps towards this field and spread the beauty of photography. It is to motivate those people who share their ideas through  photographs. 

This is a day when people of different cultures and countries come under one roof and participate in varieties of events like photography competition, photo exhibition, workshops etc.

This inspires the new generation to come forward in this field. Events like workshops, competition give an opportunity to people to participate as well as get a chance to learn the skills of photography under the guidance of experts.

Some people don’t get a chance to make a career in photography because of their family pressure, who think that a career in photography is total waste of time and money. This is not true . One can get success by hard work and interest.

Altmash Kumar says that he loves doing photography and specially he loves his camera and he is going to make career in this field so, that every time he tries to learn new things while doing photography and also sometimes he gets a opportunity to meet new people, who are working in field of photography. He mostly do Street, Landscape, Portrait and B&W photography.

Shubham Kumar says people think that photographers are those who know technical terms of photography but according to him everyone is photographer, because the skill of photography is hidden inside everyone. some people do it in technical terms but some people do as  for their interest, and to save the memories.

Photography is what which anybody can do wherever they want, its just a trick to show a creativity in your own style.