Bihar Moon- festival Chaurachan

Bihar  Moon- festival Chaurachan

Chauthachandra (Chaurachan) is one such festival of Mithila in which the moon is worshiped with great pomp. Mithila culture has been promoting nature’s conservation and respect for centuries.

Chaurachan prav is celebrated on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi in Mithila. In many place it is also known as chautchandra. On this day people of Mithianchal are seen with great enthusiasm.  On this day women fast for the entire day and worship Ganesha and the moon in the evening.

It is believed that the moon was cursed on this day. According to the epical story Chand boasted of his beauty and made fun of Lord Ganesha and Lord Ganesh got angry and cursed Chand that people would be tarnished if they see the moon empty handed.

To get rid of the curse the moon worshiped Ganesh on the fourth day of Bhadra month which is called Bhado. Then Ganesha said that whoever will worship of the moon on 2nd September he will not be stained.

People clean the house and prepare thekua (dry sweet), Gujiya (deep fried dumpling made with suji or maida and stuffed with a sweetened khoya). They present some fruits such as cucumber, banana, apple, pear and coconut to Chand and worship for their well being and health.


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