India Government powers up on Artificial Intelligence

As Artificial Intelligence’s (AI) influence increases in all walks of life, the Government of India too aims to introduce it in the power sector to give power distribution the cutting edge.

With the help of AI, the government aims to analyse data generated through IT/OT devices such as System Meters, prepaid Smart meters to prepare system generated energy accounting reports every month to enable DISCOMs to take informed decisions on loss reduction, demand forecasting, Time of Day (ToD) tariff, Renewable Energy (RE) Integration and for other predictive analysis. 

The government of India is looking towards integrating AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) technology in order to reduce power distribution losses. It is well known that the amount of electricity that a power generating company produces is not the same amount delivered to the consumers because of power loss in distribution through the network. Power loss  has risen to around 35 percent in India.

To address this situation the Union Cabinet, headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has planned to use AI technology to reduce these power losses and enhance the power distribution infrastructure. Revamped Distribution Sector Scheme is worth Rs. 3.03 trillion wherein the Centre’s share will be Rs. 97,631 crore.

The Union Cabinet is striving  towards reducing the cost revenue gap from the current 35 percent  to zero by 2024-25, and also to increase capabilities of  DISCOMs.

The Scheme’s objectives are to overall improve operational efficiencies and financial sustainability of DISCOMs

The scheme has ruled out different strategies for various states in tune with  the difference in power consumption and losses.

 The scheme will be treating some states/Union Territories as special category such as Sikkim, Jammu & Kashmir, Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Andaman & Nicobar and others.

Artificial Intelligence  for All

The Ministry of Education joined hands with the chip-making giant Intel and Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)  to  launch of – ‘AI for All’ – an initiative that aims to create a basic understanding of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for all Indian citizens.

Intel has launched a special, 4-hour-long self-paced learning module that explains AI, suitable for a novice audience in 11 Indian languages – be it a student, a middle-aged professional or even a senior citizen! The program ( aims to enable one million citizens to understand the basics of AI in its first year.

The 4-hour-course has two parts – AI awareness and AI appreciation. At the end of each stage, participants will be given personalised digital badges that can be shared on social media, the company said.

Joining hands with Intel and CBSE, (the Central Board of Secondary Education),  the Ministry of Education has envisioned to introduce AI technology  to one million citizens in its first year under the initiative ‘ AI for All ‘.

 Such initiative to demystify the AI technology echoes the Government’s plan towards preparing the new generation for an AI driven economy.

The same goal is shared by the National Education Policy 2020 as well.

[Content writer: Nishant Mishra]