Euphoria’s Risen: Brand new Rock song

Euphoria’s Risen: Brand new Rock song

Mumbai, Apr 17 (PTI) Indie-pop band Euphoria has released their new track “The Lord Has Risen” and called it India’s first Hind Rock song.

Music group’s frontman Palash Sen took to Twitter to share the link of their new track.

“Presenting India’s first Hind Rock song about the Rockstar – Jesus Christ. Euphoria’s ‘The Lord Has Risen’ out now,” tweeted Palash.

Euphoria gained popularity in the ’90s.

The band released their sixth studio album titled “Sharnaagat” in 2012.

They also launched the video of their single “Halla Bol” in 2016, highlighting the issues affecting the country.

Written, composed and produced by Dr. Palash Sen.

Additional Lyrics- Eric Pillai and Deekshant Sahrawat.

Rap Lyrics- EPR Iyer

Bass- DJ Bhaduri
Proframming- Prashant Trivedi and Adil Rashid.
Drums – Vishal Mehta
Guitars- Adil Rashid
Keyboards and Piano- Vishal Dixit
Back Up Vocals – Vaishali Barua and Jayashree Basu
Male Back Up Vocals- DJ Bhaduri and Adil Rashid
Rap- EPR Iyer
Vocals- Dr. Palash Sen