India needs more ‘Golden Girls’

India needs more ‘Golden Girls’


The Indian golden girl Hima Das was born on 9th January,2000. She is  an Indian sprint runner from the state of Assam who won 5 Gold medals in just 20 days, and made Indian sportspersons proud.

Hima Das

She was also awarded with the Arjuna Award by the president of India on 25th of September, 2018. Appointed as the India’s first ever youth ambassador of UNICEF -India on 14 November 2018. She is  Assam’s brand ambassador for sports by the Government of Assam.

The name like Hima Das is one  example to sho case Women’s Equality and Women’s contribution to sports and the society. It is unfortunate thatin our country that there are still people out there who always doubt girls’ potential. This girl has given the answer to their doubt by becoming the First Indian athlete who won gold medals in International track event.

If we talk about sports then I personally believe our country has a great potential but due to lack of good training facilities and  scope in sports in our country, we never see our youth on International platform.

Although government has taken the initiative for the athletes for the past few years by organizing  sports events like Pro Khabbadi and football leagues,  this initiative is not enough, to unlock this potential that our country has.

I believe government should provide good training facilities specially in backward regions of our country so that we can have more athletes like Hima Das , capable to get more golds for India.

Yours truly,

Akash Francis, BMC 6 Sem. St Xavier’s College, Patna