Second screening of Alone December at Kalidas Rangshalaya

Second screening of Alone December at Kalidas Rangshalaya

On 25th of August, 2019 Vague Forever Entertainment had their screening of their short film ‘Alone December’. The screening was held at Kalidas Rangshalaya form 12 pm. It was the second screening for the film.

The film Alone December is short film of 35 minutes and it a suspense thriller genre. The story revolves around love and revenge, love of a son toward his mother and revenge from his father after his mother was killed by his father. He wanted to take revenge on his father for what he did to his mother. The boy Vrishank was helped by his friend Varun for all the things.

The film was made under the banner of Vague Forever Entertainment. The film has been selected in Lift-off film festival, New York.

 Mr Pramod Kumar (Art and Cultural Minister Government of Bihar) and Mr Vinod Anupam (Secretary of Bihar Sangeet Natya Academy Government of Bihar) were the Chief Guest in the show. Mr Frank Krishner  (Director of AASRA Communications) was the special Guest of the show. Other honourable guest of the show is Manish Mahiwal (Secretary, Kalakaar Sajha Sangh) Mrs Shubha Sinha from Lions Club, Mr Vikrant Chauhan (Actor), Mrs Nisha Singh (Chairman, Lions Club) Mrs Madhu Manjri (General Secretary Women’s Wing, RLSP) Mrs Moni Tripathi (Chairman, Sangini Club)  Mr Dinesh Anand ( Film maker) Mrs Kavita Anand ( Film maker).

The cinematographer Ayush Kumar Dhan said “This film was made by the students of St. Xavier’s college of management of technology, Patna. The budget of this film was low only 2200”. They faced many difficulties during the entire process of film making due to low budget. He also added that   government should help the upcoming artist and encourage their creativity by supporting them and by providing them a platform to showcase their talent.

The film was shot at different locations in Patna and Kolkata. The cast of the film are Shivanshu Singh Satya, Mitrali Gupta, Satyam Jha, Jai Singh Rathore, Nishant Kumar, Surbhi Mishra, Ayush Narayan, Krishna Ravi Shankar, Rohan Kumar, Sourav Singh, Vishal, Shubham Chandra, Ashish Arya, Aman Kumar, Akash Francis.  

Production department was headed by Meenakshi Singh and Pragati Singh. Cinematography of the film was done by Ayush Kumar Dhan and Uddeshya Raj. The singer of the film was Yogesh Kumar. The background score of the movie is done by Urban Beats. The film is edited by Ayush Kumar Dhan. Producer of the film was Mrs. Mitrali Gupta. The screenplay is written by Shivanshu Singh Satya and the film was directed by Megha Choudhary.

Neha Nidhi