No sound of “Gaadi wala aaya, Ghar se kachra nikaal”- A Patna problem?

No sound of “Gaadi wala aaya, Ghar se kachra nikaal”-  A Patna  problem?

I went to the Boring Road Chaurana and was quite surprised by looking at the heaps of garbage’s. The entire area was stinking unlike the other days. The city’s streets were covered by dirt and filth scattered and garbage dumped everywhere.There was no sound of “Gaadi wala aaya, ghar se karchra nikaal” (Vehicle has come, take out your garbage’s from your house).  

We all know Boring Road is considered as the heart of city Patna. After giving a look to the Boring Road I was forced to think if this VIP area is in such a bad condition than what must be happening to the other areas.

Photo clicked by Seema Kumari

Through internet I got to know that the workers of Municipal Corporation (fourth grade daily wage employees including sanitation workers) is on strike from Monday 3rd February and today was the second day of the strike.

Many workers were working on daily wage basis in the hope that government will regularise their job but now government has taken decision to remove them. Dalit community are the one who have been affected the most. They are protesting against the decision of the government.

With agitation and anger the workers themselves are dumping the garbage’s on the roads. In the scenerio where the fear of coronavirus is very high we can’t take the risk of heaps of garbage’s around us.  Even the target of making Patna a smart city can’t be fulfilled with heaps of garbage’s lying on the streets.

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The Fourth grade employees are an unsung heros of our daily lives. They play a vital role in keeping our city clean. They belong to the poorest of the poor and are the bottom layer of the society. The government’s action to remove them from daily wage work will push them to starvation-like situation.  They are the most unrecognised and neglected ones in our society. But the fact is that they have been working day and night to keep the city clean and clear the garbage.

Looking at this situation the government should take a major step that resolves the problems of these workers and our city as well.