Railway Force save Kids from human trafficking

Railway Force save Kids from human trafficking

The Railway Protection Force (RPF) successfully rescued nine children from the suspected human traffickers on the New Jalpaiguri – Amritsar Karma Bhoomi Express at Muzaffarpur station. The operation, instructed by Inspector Manish Kumar, took place on a Wednesday afternoon after an important tip-off. Two people involved in this act, one a teenager, have been caught and are currently in court custody.

The rescue operation started after discovering that the children were being taken to Amritsar, Punjab, on the Karma Bhoomi Express (12407). Amresh Kumar, Inspector General of the East Central Railway RPF, acted quickly, instructing security officers to thoroughly investigate the train on its arrival in Muzaffarpur at around 4:30 p.m.

Inspector Manish Kumar complimented the quick response, saying that a team of RPF staff, including Sub-Inspector Sushmita Kumari, set up an immediate search operation on the train, resulting in the successful rescue of the minor children.

During the operation, the culprits were identified as Akhilesh Kumar (26) from Alamnagar in Madhepura district and Rajesh Murmu (19) from West Bengal.

The accused disclosed during to the police that the kids were being taken to Amritsar to work in rice fields as labourers.

After the rescue operation, the nine children were right away taken to the Sikandarpur Child Welfare Center near Muzaffarpur, where every necessary legal procedure was performed. Inspector Manish Kumar verified that the rescued children’s parents had been informed and reassured that their children would be reunited with family members soon.

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This incident shows the important role that law enforcement authorities, including the RPF, play in preventing human trafficking and protecting kids’ safety.

The rescue operation not only saved the exploitation of these young lives, but it also serves as a reminder of the need of maintaining public awareness and reporting suspicious activity.

The rescued children prepare to return to the comfortable and secure environment of their homes, the RPF’s outstanding effort represents an example of hope and a reminder to the dedication of those who work constantly to protect our society’s most vulnerable citizens. The struggle over human trafficking goes on, and each successful rescue takes us closer to a society in which every kid can grow up free of exploitation and abuse.