Nitish mourns the ‘Gandhi of Piro’.

Nitish mourns the ‘Gandhi of Piro’.

The Gandhi of Piro

Body of Iqbal Warsi ready for last rites
Body of Iqbal Warsi ready for last rites

 The Government of Bihar  will conduct the funeral of  freedom fighter and socialist veteran Ram Iqbal Warsi with  full state honours. The Chief Minister Mr Nitish Kumar has expressed his deep sorrow at the passing away of  ‘the Gandhi of Piro’ on Monday at the age of  94.

According to a press release, Warsi has played a vital role in the field of politics and socialism in Bihar. He was a progressive, socialist, who was firm on his principles and was an inspiration to all who  met him, even the youth.

Dr Ram Manohar Lohia (above) called Ram Iqbal Warsi ‘Gandhi of Piro’

He has represented Piro in the State Assembly.

It was the famous socialist leader Ram Manohar Lohia who had given him the title ‘Gandhi of Piro’. Chief minister Nitish kumar, in a statement has said that Bihar and especially the Socialist and Political will fell the loss loss of Ram Iqbal Warsi. Warsi lived in Warsi village of Piro block in Ara district.


Based on  a State Government press Release

More info on Warsi:

Warsi worked in Rohtas Group of Industries as a manual worker, and became an activist for Indian Independence in 1938. He joined Subash Chandra Bose’s Indian National Army in 1943.

Ram Iqbal Warsi
Ram Iqbal Warsi

He was elected an MLA from Piro (now named Tarari) constituency on a ticket from Sanghata Socialist Party in 1969. He represented the constituency in Bihar Legislative Assembly till 1972.

Socialist leader Ram Manohar Lohia had named Warsi as Gandhi of Piro (Piro ke Gandhi) in 1956

Warsi was well known for his austere living and uncompromising principles and ideals. He didn’t contest elections after 1969, finding the political system dishonest. He refused to accept the pension he was sanctioned, as an MLA or as a freedom fighter. He said – “Accepting pension for trying to liberate one’s home is a sin. And taking pension for serving people, as their elected representative, is a bigger sin,”

Warsi lived his last few years in a run-down home in Rohtas, refused offers to contest more elections. His family had difficulty in making ends meet.

3 Responses to "Nitish mourns the ‘Gandhi of Piro’."

  1. Aby Vannilam   October 12, 2016 at 12:25 pm

    PLEASE READ THIS ARTICLE – Warsi’s different world (The Telegraph)

  2. Daniel Wong   October 11, 2016 at 10:12 pm

    So, anyone can become the ‘Gandhi’ of anywhere! Mr Ram Iqbal Warsi may have been an astute politician, but what does he merit being called a Gandhi? Was he a Gandhian?I did a google search and came up with nothing to call him a great man!

    • editor1   October 12, 2016 at 9:10 am

      Greatness means different things to different people. The fact that Iqbal Warsi refused a government pension and died in penury is enough for him to be considered great in Bihar, which as you know is riddled with corrruption.


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