Jharkhand according to Biju and Meghnath

Jharkhand according to Biju and Meghnath

Meghnath & Biju Toppo
Meghnath and Biju Toppo belong to AKHRA, a group working in the field of culture and communication in Jharkhand. Akhra is a pioneering group that has been making films on the indigenous people’s issues since 1995. They have produced many award winning films which took up burning issues related to the indigenous people’s survival.
Meghnath is a activist working in Jharkhand for last 30 years. He has been with the people’s struggle against destructive development. As a film maker he has tried to document the voice of those section of people who remain unheard.

At present teaches in the Mass com department of St. Xaviers College Ranchi.

Biju Toppo is one of the first Adivasi film makers who have effectively used the camera to counter the misrepresentation of his community by the ‘mainstream’ media his film has received national and international recognition.
Naachi Se Baanchi, Iron is Hot, Gadi Lohardaga Mail, The Hunt, Taking Sides and Development Flows from the Barrel of the Gun are to be screen in the Retrospective section of ViBGYOR Film Festival.

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