Schools shy away from admitting rape survivor

Schools shy away from admitting rape survivor

A Dehradun based school has refused to admit a student because she is a rape survivor, while other schools refused admission without stating any reasons.

Aruna Negi Chauhan, counsel for the girl, wrote to chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat, education minister Arvind Pandey and the Central Board of School Education on Thursday asking that the school be derecognised and its management prosecuted.

“The country is worshipping girls today on the occasion of Kanya Poojan and a school is rejecting admission to a girl for a crime committed by others,” Chauhan told reporters in Dehradun.

After the Class X girl was reportedly raped by four fellow students at a private school near Dehradun, the school authorities had attempted a cover-up and a forced abortion on September 17, her father says.

The CBSE cancelled the institution’s recognition in the last week of September and asked other schools in Dehradun to accommodate its 650 students. Chauhan said that all the other students had secured admission to schools of their choice but the gang-rape survivor was denied admission wherever she went.

“While most schools didn’t cite any reason for denying her admission, one particular school located in the Cantonment area told her parents they wouldn’t admit her because she is a gang-rape victim,” Chauhan said.

Dehradun police had on September 17 arrested two Class XII boys and two Class X students on gang-rape charges, of whom three are lodged in a remand home while the fourth, an adult, is in Sudhowala Jail, Dehradun.

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The school director, principal, administrative officer and two other employees have also been arrested on the charge of trying to hush up the crime and force the girl to get an abortion.

Both the girl and her elder sister, a Class XI student, stayed in the school hostel. A classmate of the younger girl —one of the alleged rapists — told her on August 14 that the botany teacher had summoned her at a spot behind the school, her Delhi-based father said in his complaint on September 17.

“He and three other students, who were hiding in the bushes behind the school, tied her hands and mouth and gang-raped her. She somehow returned to the hostel and told a maid,” the complaint says.

“Instead of helping my daughter, the maid blamed her for the incident and asked her to keep silent.”

The father says that the following day, the wife of the administrative officer asked his daughter not to reveal anything to anybody. The director and the principal then allegedly summoned her and said she would be rusticated if she told anyone.

The girl confided in her elder sister on September 13 after she felt severe pain in her abdomen. After the elder sister told the principal, school officials allegedly took the pregnant girl to a private hospital and tried to force her into getting an abortion.

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“Realising the situation, my elder daughter called her aunt on the phone and told her everything. The aunt told me and I informed the police before travelling to Dehradun,” the father told the police.

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