Woman MLA bats for Transgenders in Bihar Budget session

The issues of transgender welfare was raised in the budget session of the Bihar legislature.

Thanks to the initiatives of the Bihar government, some 18 transgender students are appearing for Matric and higher secondary level exams this year, and several efforts are being made for the mainstreaming of transgendered people in Bihar, RJD MLA Ejya Yadav said.

Dr EJYA YADAV former Head of Department Communicative English Patna Women’s College is now a spokesperson for the RJD

Quoting Nelson Mandela’s who said that freedom could not be truly achieved unless women were freed from all forms of exploitation, she went further and said tat women were not the only gender being exploited and discriminated against. The Third gender or kinnars are also victims of discrimination, she affirmed in the state assembly.

The Government of Bihar, under the leadership of Nitish Kumar and Tejsawi Yadav, has recahed out to the most disadvantaged and Mahatma Gandhi’s ‘last person’ said RJD MLA Ejya Yadav in a well-received reply to the Governor’s address in The Bihar Lagislature (27 Feb)

The state government is in the process of finalising the ‘Transgender Welfare Board’. In 2014, Government of Bihar recognized Third Gender, and gave them OBC status. In doing so, Bihar recognized that, just like women, the kinnars also are the victims of social discrimination. Department of Social Welfare is understood to be in the process of finalizing a Transgender Welfare Board.

‘Nowadays it is fashionable to call any social justice development as ‘vote bank politics’. Let me remind the house that Transgender community or third sex or hijras or kinnars are not a ‘vote bank’.

The MLA said that more positive efforts would ensure that the human rights potential of the youngsters within the transgender community would be developed and they would be freed from a future of merely dancing or begging for a living.

Thus the Nitish- Tejaswi led government was truly on the path of ‘Sabka Saath, Sabkaa Vikas’ she said and not coining empty slogans .