Patna’s Pride for All

Patna’s Pride for All

A thousand people from all walks of life got together to carry a 500 foot long pink,white and blue ‘transgender’ flag in a colourful pride parade that marked Non-Binary Day. It was truly an LGBTIQH day, with the most participation of the H community, who outnumbered the LGBTIQ participants. And that’s something that Patna, Bihar should be proud of, said a participant.

Exuberant Parade

Students from Patna Women’s College and St Xavier’s College of Management and Technology, a female band from Nari Gunjan, members of the environment group Taru Mitra, and a progressive women’s writers group ‘Lekha Manjusha’ came out in strong support of the parade organised by transgender activist Reshma Prasad and her Dostana Safar group. The theme of the parade was inclusiveness and acceptance of all genders and identities, in particular the LGBTIQ.

Pride flag on Patna’s streets

The five hundred foot long ribbon of a flag was unfurled at the Bihar Hindi Sahitya sammelan premises and was carried through the streets of Kadam-kuan, till it reached Prenchand Rangshala, a two kilometre walk.

St. Xavier’s Theatre Club led a Flash mob and a street play educating people that same sex relationships are not illegal and that transgendered people transmen and transwomen aren’t freaks.

The evening culminated in a Kinnar Mahotsav programme inside the Premchand Rangshalay auditorium.

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  1. Danny Wong   July 16, 2019 at 9:31 am

    Expect some in depth analysis of how this happened in Patna. Is the TG community the leader of the LGB groups? What happened to AASRA who were the first voices against section 377 from Bihar?