Love thy neighbours in need

Love thy neighbours in need

The border dispute between Assam & Mizoram has been as old as one can remember. This has led to numerous clashes between the two states in the past.

The recent 26th July’2021 clash that erupted at the borders between them saw; Six Assam Police personnel being killed and at least 70 persons injured when both the Assam Police  and Mizoram Police personnel allegedly fired at each other.

However, in a dramatic turn of events, the inhumane suffering of the people of Silchar caused by the ongoing devastating floods has evoked wide spread empathy among the Mizo people.

This in return has led to Members of the most powerful and influential youth organisation YMA (‘Young Mizo Association’)  to bury their rivalry and undertake a massive relief operations to ease the suffering of the affected people.

In the photos we can see the team of YMA volunteers on their way to deliver relief items to the flood victims This noble gesture by the YMA has reinstated our faith in humanity and is being welcomed by all sections for this positive initiative.


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  1. Pragya Priyadarshani   June 29, 2022 at 5:13 pm

    The ongoing clashes regarding the border dispute between Assam and Mizoram in the past has led to the devastation in terms of killing 60 Assam police personnel and approximately 70 police personnel were injured as the border dispute among the Assam and Mizoram police personnel.
    Recently, there is major concern for the people of Silchar by the Mizo people who are trapped by the devastated floods and they have come forward to help the people of Silchar.
    This eminent thought has been initiated by YMA Youth Mizo Association who have brought bucketload of relief in the times of misery for the Silchar people by contributing them essential stuffs as per their requirements.
    It is really a high-minded perception of the Mizo people who are sensible human beings and have proclaimed their humanity to the Silchar people in times of crisis faced by them.