“Nowhere” is Somewhere Soon, maybe?

“Nowhere” is Somewhere Soon, maybe?

Imagine a world that has depleted itself of all its resources. Where women and children are looked on as liabilities. Where violence is as common as a morning breakfast, if you are lucky enough to find anything to eat. Where a Snickers bar is almost as valuable as gold.

The film “Nowhere” [on Netflix] has such surprising and captivating plot. The film “Nowhere” depicts how an individual can work under pressure and how one adapts himself/herself to the situation. The film also shows the unconditional love between the two characters – Mia (lead character) and her child. “Nowhere” has a lot going on, it manages to show the audience the mix of emotions – love, resiliency, and patience. Albert Pinto in this film shows how a pregnant woman is left all alone to take care of herself as well as the child in a floating container.

[Still from the film- stock photo]

Mia as a character did a wonderful job in the film, she was able to express and deliver each of the emotions to the audience with no doubt. Even though the film was nice it somehow managed to make me a little uncomfortable, because of how the lead character was able to express herself. If you’re an Aqua-phobic and yet like some survival thriller film you surely are going to get uncomfortable.

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The cinematography here is really unique and realistic. It probably must be the way the story is narrated and the cinematography enabling the audience to connect more with the film.

There are two types of people according to my perspective, the first one – is the people who aren’t able to do stuff while under pressure, these are the ones who give up really fast and have weak willpower. The others are the ones who can perform well under pressure, now these are the ones who could be called stubborn individuals. I somehow feel when a person is under pressure he/she is able to find out ways and means to reach the end goal, just like our lead character Mia.

Since the beginning of the film, Mia is persistent in saving herself as well as her unborn child. Just because of her will to survive and save her child she was able to go to an extent a normal human would never have been able to do in a normal situation. She encountered many survival skills while floating in a container in the middle of nowhere. Even though she knew nothing about it.

Not to give you more spoilers, but there’s a whale in the story. The film is all about the connection of emotions and different characters between each other. If you haven’t seen “Nowhere” yet, you should. It is not because it ‘teaches you something’ but because it is a work of art.

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Life is kind of like this story, it puts you in an unplanned and difficult situations-then its sits back and sees you struggle until you struggle and succeed in the end, just like Mia did.  You don’t want to miss this, so check it out now!