Manipur Electoral Rolls: Transgender Exclusion?

Manipur Electoral Rolls: Transgender Exclusion?

Guwahati: The transgender community of Manipur has raised strong objections to the inclusion of only 239 of its members in the northeast state’s final electoral rolls, asserting that this figure significantly under-represents their actual population.

The adult transgender population of Manipur exceeds 4,000 according to community representatives.

The final electoral rolls, released on Monday by Manipur Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Pradeep Kumar Jha, reported a total of 20,26,623 electors, including 10,46,706 females, 9,79,678 males and only 239 individuals identified as third gender or transgender.

Santa Khurai (AMANA)

Santa Khurai, a transgender activist and Secretary of the All Manipur ‘Nupi Manbi’ (trans women) Association (AMANA), a prominent transgender community organization of the state, emphasised that the adult transgender population in Manipur exceeds 4,000.

Expressing disbelief at the remarkably low figure, Santa, also a researcher and writer, said, “We are stunned to see the terribly small number of just 239 third-gender voters in the final electoral rolls.”

It is not clear however, whether a significant number of TG candidates have been dropped from the rolls, or whether they have not registered.