Assamese Film “Satya: The Truth”: strong advocate for Gay Rights

Assamese Film “Satya: The Truth”: strong advocate for Gay Rights

Finally, the Assamese film industry is coming of age. The film “Satya: The Truth,” a compelling film, that advocates for the acceptance and understanding of homosexuality is finally given space in its home state.

The movie, produced by Tilottama Talukdar under the City Productions banner, and directed by Rupjyoti Barthakur (Baba), takes a bold stand against bigotry, promoting a more inclusive society that embraces love in all its forms.

The film’s song and poster were officially unveiled at a recent event held at the Guwahati Press Club. Renowned musician Nanda Banerjee released the songs, sung by Namita Bhattacharya and Malvika Bora. The striking posters were revealed by actress Manjula Barua and Dr. Vivekananda Saikia, the Dean of Khanapar College of Veterinary Sciences.

“Satya: The Truth” made its world premiere at the Kashish: Mumbai International Queer Film Festival last June and has earned a nomination in the Competitive Film category at the Jaipur International Film Festival in Panorama, India.

Starring Utpal Das in an unconventional role, the film also features Udayan Duwarah, actress Dorothy Bhardwaj, and Mahesh Bora. Additionally, two newcomers, Rakesh Baroua and Suman Das, play special roles, adding fresh talent to the film.

The film is set in the aftermath of India’s decision to decriminalize same-sex relationships, Satya, a young man from a small town, falls in love with a successful businessman from Guwahati. But with homophobia still rampant in Assam, Satya’s relationship comes to a sudden end, leaving him alone and struggling to cope. However, he discovers that there may be hope for love and acceptance in a world that can be harsh and unforgiving. With powerful performances and stunning visuals, this film offers a touching exploration of love, identity, and community in modern-day India.

The musical score, composed by Diganta Bharti and Tarali Sharma, complements the film’s narrative with emotionally charged melodies and dynamic rhythms. The impactful lyrics, penned by Prashant Bardoloi, Tarali Sharma, and Jhunakankan Bhuyan, come to life through the voices of Zubeen Garg, Arundhati Bhanupriya, and Anurag Baruah. Abhijit Bora takes charge of choreography, adding visual flair to the film.

The cinematography, skillfully handled by Hiten Thakurya, and the editing by Sanjeev Barthakur contribute to the film’s powerful storytelling. Amrit Pritam oversees sound addition and mixing, with D I Shyam Das contributing to the audio production. The script, a crucial element, is penned by Chandan Talukdar.

Director Rupjyoti Barthakur shared that “Satya: The Truth” aims to convey a message advocating the gradual acceptance of homosexuality in society, addressing a sensitive issue that has long been a point of contention.

As the film continues to gather recognition and praise, it marks a significant step forward for the Assamese film industry, breaking barriers and fostering a more inclusive cinematic landscape. “Satya: The Truth” is not just a movie; it is a statement about love, acceptance, and the evolving narrative in Indian cinema.

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    So much appreciation for brave step by Assamese film industry