The great Pink onion heist

The great Pink onion heist

Onions are the flavour of the month. Only last week, the Dhanbad Chamber of commerce in Jharkhand state had a one day sale of onions at ‘cost price’ about Rs 30 a kg against the market price of Rs 50.

But news also came in of onions been stolen from certain cities.

In the biggest ‘onion heist’ , burglars have decamped with 4,000 kg of the pricey bulb from a wholesale market in Jaipur, and that has left the merchants pink in the face.

The police have arrested a watchman and a woman owner of a godown for the theft , which took place at the Muhana Mandi .

Watchman Kajor was arrested last night and the woman was caught on Tuesday, Investigating officer Ashutosh Kumar said.

Merchant Kishan Agrawal found the stock missing and lodged an FIR. Kajor transported the onions to the woman’s place in a pick up van. Involvement of others is also possible and the matter is being investigated, say the police.

Seventy sacks, of 60 kg each, were stolen from a shop in the Mandi on the intervening night of August 28-29 and the FIR was registered on August 30.


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  1. Abhishek kr.   September 2, 2015 at 10:54 pm

    Some people try to keep things secretly but one day they will be caught, they don’t know about.
    Jharkhand peaple were benifited with one day sale of onion but what about us.
    All of these came from corrupt people.

    S.X.C Patna
    roll no- 38